What is Passing Through Digital Babylon?

Passing Through Digital Babylon is a Substack about the kingdom of God and our modern digital kingdoms, and navigating the tenuous relationship between the two.

My name Austin Gravley, and I am a social media manager and youth ministry associate in Amarillo, TX, as well as the writer and producer of a podcast called “Breaking the Digital Spell”. Since 2018, I have been researching, writing, and podcasting on media literacy and media ecology in American culture and American Christianity, emphasizing that “media literacy is the biggest gaping hole in our discipleship.”

Passing Through Digital Babylon is the next stage of my work, reflecting some shifts in my perspective on this subject while aiming to make my work more digestible and accessible than a podcast. The “Digital Babylon” name came from one of my podcast episodes where I proposed a uniquely Christian framework for engaging on social media, blending my biblical studies work in seminary with tech/cultural criticism and discipleship. Passing Through Digital Babylon captures my desire to build upon that framework, and better reflects my conviction that Christians should see themselves as exiles passing through the digital empire while journeying towards the heavenly city.

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Insights and reflections from passing through the digital empire while journeying towards the heavenly city.


Writer and podcaster on media literacy and Christian discipleship in American evangelicalism. Producer of Mending Division Academy for American Values Coalition. Social media/youth for Redeemer Christian Church in Amarillo, TX.