The response to Elon Musk's impending purchase of Twitter is more in-line with a response to an unstable change of power in a nation than it is a mere business transaction - and an explanation for this comes from an unlikely source.
The sanctification of the Lord towards the image of his Son will win out over the sanctification of technology and media towards the image of our idols.
I am the only one that can see the comments I type out and chose to delete; I am the only one who walks away burned by the fires I lit in my soul.
With Meta, Facebook is preaching a gospel that rivals the Christian Gospel nearly beat-for-beat. Do we have the ears to hear it - and reject it?
Vol. 1 of notes from "Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry into the News" by Jeff Bilbro, plus additional things to read.
An introduction to the Digital Babylon framework as an event, an empire, and an epoch that shapes our current discipleship challenges and opportunities…
Explaining the changes from Breaking the Digital Spell to a new venture with a new emphasis.
Part Four (and the final installment) of a Christian commentary of Chris Bail's "Breaking the Social Media Prism"
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Passing Through Digital Babylon